Women's Health Center

We provide a "family centered" approach to the birthing process that begins before the birth of the baby and continues after discharge from the hospital. Expectant parent classes for parents and family prepare for the birth and care of the baby. Mothers have a choice of pain control options during their delivery and spacious birthing rooms where fathers and other family members can be present are available.

“Professional Care with a Personal Touch” is what you can expect from us.

Here's what our patients say...

"I could buzz the nurses anytime, and I didn't feel that I was bothering them. Then, they would stay and make sure I was comfortable. They didn't just rush on to something else." Ramona Hammelman, Edwardsport, Indiana

"The delivery was smooth. The doctor put my wife at ease. My wife worked hard, but she was never anxious or scared. As her husband, I appreciated the piece of mind." Nate Smith, staff writer, Washington Times-Herald

"Most flower deliveries in the OB area are for new moms. But my husband thought of sending a rose to every nurse on the floor to thank them for the exceptional care our whole family received. When Alexis (now 6) was born, the nurses kept me calm during the delivery, and comfortable during my recovery. Days later, they even called me at home to see how we were doing. Alan’s idea of sending roses was such a great one that we did it again last year when Alaina was born at Daviess Community Hospital. We had dozens of reasons to be glad we chose DCH.” Regina Cornelius, Elnora, Indiana

"Once we completed the classes and toured the OB floor, my husband Rick said he was actually more nervous about being best man in his best friend’s wedding than he was about the birth. During delivery, the doctor and the nurse created a calm setting. After, the nurses made sure my needs and the baby’s were met, so Rick and I could focus on bonding with our baby girl – and even resting. I would describe our experience at DCH as enjoyable (I would have said “fun” but Rick said no one would believe me). DCH’s family-centered care helps expectant parents prepare for birth, and continues even after leaving the hospital. They made us feel so relaxed and at ease that our birth experience was actually enjoyable.” Angie Kribs, Vincennes, Indiana

"Our older daughter’s big hospital/big city birth in Phoenix left us feeling a little lost. And it lacked personal attention. When we returned to Washington and were preparing for a second child, we wondered what DCH could offer. The answer was individualized care and unending compassion. I was an overnight patient several times during those nine months, then ended up laboring through all three shifts. Yet I always felt the staff was on my side. My doctor listened, understood, and acted; the head nurse told me about her own challenging pregnancy. I’m a nurse myself, so I was especially impressed – and grateful. DCH’s family-centered care helps families get through every aspect of the birth experience, and we always take very good care of our neighbors." Anna Olsen-Kroeger Native of Washington, Indiana

"The staff and doctors on the OB floor are wonderful! My baby and I received the best care. Care after delivery was excellent! They cared for my baby girl like she was one of their own. Thank you all so much for verything you did for me, my husband, and my baby." OB Patient.

“All of our nurses have been wonderful, but Chloe was great! She has been our hero!”

Great Gift for that new baby. Give a lasting tribute in honor of the little one born at Daviess Community Hospital who has left a footprint on your heart. Click here for information about the DCH Foundation Cradle Wall Program.

Additional Services 

Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorder Support Group

Breastfeeding Support Group

Share Support Group

Lactation Services

Here at Daviess Community Hospital, we are proud to offer breastfeeding services provided by a Board Certified Lactation Consultant and a Certified Lactation Counselor.  They see everyone inpatient as needed and outpatient for any breastfeeding difficulties.  They are also available by phone for any questions or concerns and provide a monthly breastfeeding support group free of charge.  A breastfeeding class is also taught as part of the childbirth series.

Lactation Voicemail Line:  812-254-2760 ext. 1344


Shawna O'Kelley-Brinson, RN, Nurse Manager